Below, I offer a selection of poetree I’ve planted overtime.
By letting my poetry breathe in public space – I hope, in some way – my words bloom – adding a touch of colour in a tiny corner of the World Wide Web.
My yoga teacher, Shiva Rea introduced the “Poetry of Yoga” book noting:

“The sages say,
You can teach science to anyone and turn them
Into a master.
But not even a Guru can awaken the flow of poetry.
It releases spontaneously from within.”




she hums
in all my bones
all the muscles in my back
all my tears
every bead
of sweat
of blood
all my days
the weeks as they string
all my years
every moment
all my joints
sinews tear as they clasp
all my veins
every beat
our love

without union
i live
but do not breathe
dear Earth
i love you
all my bones
all my tears
all my days
all my joints
dont hold
but grasp
this great romance




Let’s go to the Bellwoods
Kindred Kids
Pale pink hair
Denim cut into underwear
Bicycles lean
On pine, oak, O maple trees

Old toothless man
Wandered from Chinatown
To collect beer cans
From tattooed hipsters (&me)

Couples create moments
On blankets
Bare feet nuzzling like kittens
Nothing so delicate
As situations
When you stop & listen



The wind doesn’t whisper, it howls
It yells –
Remember me!
When you’re jack-in-a-box
Pop out your eyes
Take a look

Forgotten? she sings
To the mountains
To the Joshua Trees
Etched, urged, humbled, horny, hallow – free

Bypassed cement streets
Burr stuck to her feet
Cracks smile in the crust
Believe – This Is Us

Collectively we seek
Collect rocky dreams
Consider what it means
Chuckle ancient belly

Flounder in the dust
Scents: dried floral musk
Twisted trunks
Connect, contact Us

I won’t surrender
I won’t yolk to
I have not brought you
Here to see
But to feel
The desert breathe

Lonely rusted can
For this too
A raven land
Nickles cost so much
Long past the Gold Rush

Tour shadows
Tour streams
Out into Yes! (Mom, please?)
Bring me back to Earth
A witch without a curse
Coins without a purse
Delivery for whom comes

Even a soul in its last days
Remembers to whom it prays
Father, Oh Mother, Earth!
Sacred Nature
Lyrical Verse

Hold onto your hats
We are all next to bat
Prepare your weeping crimes
Prepare your sentient minds
A place in your hate
Where you come to meditate

I will not discuss with you
That which won’t come
I miss my painted boat
I miss the endless float
Misplaced among pinecones
I will never feel quite alone

Now I have held up among Joshua Trees
Stood upright among the breeze




You are the universe experiencing itself
You cry with the shamelessness of rain
Falls down your cheeks as leaves that change
Your movement felt
In dance of endangered whooping crane
Your laughter shakes mountains as wind blows your braids
Impossible to determine: you are nature’s same
Woven toes among weeds
The colour of your song without name
The best time to plant a seed?
If not yesterday, then today




Swollen brain / Born-small-framed

(bathwater grey)   !ideas!
sweat stains


Equinox: Equal standing: warrior Night: reign over Day


Come Fall, sojourn

Nothing will stay


World Story Telling Day!

Comes the day

Before my birth. (day)


Harvest your past

A priori, eh?


Estrogen misplaced

Oh  Lady Day forgive My Vernal Dismay


Feed your only   1-Sun

3-days in the dark
2-shine out doubt


September – rub eyes full of ash – pray
This is the fault of the E q u i n o x

Equally bound is yin as is yang



I kick the sheets off in bed
I roll over to touch your skin
It’s cold, but wet
The sheets around you are damp with sweat
I wonder why you’re so uncomfortable
I come close for a moment, not too close
I kiss your forehead
You smile in your sleep
And that is it

I pull my little white car into your driveway
You run over with a cigarette in your mouth and a guitar on your back
You smile and the cigarette falls out
I hardly welcome you
I dive deep into my thoughts as I smoke your last cigarette
You chat lightly about music and friends
I try not to look you in the eyes
You put your hand on my thigh
And that is it

I weave my way through a crowd of needy music fans
You follow me with excited direction
At the front row far left I press up against the speakers
You say something kind and perceptive
I let the base tone of the music move my pelvis
We hold hands and begin to dance
And that is it


“It’s important to protect individual species, but even more important
to protect their ecosystem, the relationships between them,” says the
park’s chief interpreter Robin Heron Promaine. “At a certain level,
everything connects.”

Of Great Concern –

Listening to you gnaw at As Is
I will aim your gun
Starved merciless
Feeding yourself like a battery
Stuffed full of Lithium
A swollen thirst
I ask you:
Please prove your independence
I won’t plead
For they want us to weaken
Save the absurd!
She is Our only child
Tell her acute tales
Grow her whole
Like the imprint on my thumb
To think you are One
Is just enough to Be(come)
Truth in numbers
I thought I could relate
My ex lovers’ little sister
Now my toiled treasure
The Monsters of Create
Will we rebuild all we have destroyed?
Take the banana out of your cunt!
Let Muriel come off her drugs
Pooh-Pooh shadows (and the sun)
How you have seen your reflection before recognizing your own flesh
How you have identified with a mirror never giving yourself credit
Waiting on Truth to talk to you
Waiting on tomorrow to be Real
Its Cyclical
Wishing a burial upon those who love you
So surreal
Give yourself a name to own/owe
Tell us now:
You will identify with hope
Breathe because you know it keeps you alive
Swallow no pill just open your eyes
The Skies have a Mother
The Earth has a Daughter
Nature is Gd
But Love is flesh!
Relate to each other
Return Love Back Home
We are all ethereal in time
Hold concern close
It is Great to know



wake yourself!
a mountain base

for yourself!
prove your pace

smile as you fall
this isnt your fate

listen to your heart, metronome of grace

storytelling land
– clouds –
maintain face

winds shape ground
sands shift and wave
if you can be proud
you too will sway

starvation comes fast
live for today


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